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Terms of Reference


That Peterborough County and City is a safe, respectful and supportive place for

older adults to live free from abuse and enjoy independence.


To be leaders in the development of an integrated and collaborative strategy to

address the prevention of elder abuse in Peterborough City and County through

networking, information sharing, raising awareness and advocacy.


  1. To foster active collaboration with community groups and individuals having                     similar objectives and goals.
  2. To maintain and support the collaborative, coordinated and effective                               community response to the abuse of older persons across Peterborough,                                using a standard community protocol.
  3. To advocate for government policies at all levels of government that                                       strengthen Peterborough’s community response to elder abuse.
  4. To actively engage in education and outreach initiatives to enhance the                          awareness of elder abuse.



  1. To provide a forum for members to meet, identify issues, develop strategies                       relating to the prevention of elder abuse and create linkages and partnerships                       within the community including regional, provincial and national.
  2. To strengthen relationships between residents, organizations, funders and                              all levels of government, so that Peterborough is able to provide coordinated                           services and support to victims of elder abuse.
  3. To reach out to the community to increase awareness, promote the prevention                    of elder abuse and supports/services available to victims of elder abuse, and                          how to access help.
  4. To assist community agencies in navigating services for seniors and/or families                  who are vulnerable or at risk of abuse.
  5. To plan and coordinate educational initiatives relating to the prevention of                             elder abuse.
  6. To actively participate in World Elder Abuse Awareness Days, Elder Abuse                            Ontario (EAO) Central East regional meetings, EAO provincial and regional                conferences/meetings and providing regular feedback to EAO about local                                and provincial issues that affect abused seniors.
  7. To secure resources for the operation of the Network activities
    A: To seek funding to support a Coordinator to carry out goals and                                         objective of Network as financially feasible.
    B: To identify and explore potential funding sources, for the development,
    maintenance and/or expansion of initiatives and programs to respond to the                        issue of elder abuse.
  8. To advocate for services to address identified gaps.
  9. To identify gaps and inconsistencies in supports and services pertaining to                      identification and prevention of, and response to elder abuse, and to advocate                     for these to be addressed.
  10. To expand and maintain our membership to meet our vision, mission, and                        strategic plan.


Network Membership:

Every effort will be made to ensure that there is representation from community              organizations and individuals from diverse backgrounds from all across Peterborough             County and City. Members may include but not limited to health, social services,                        justice, ethno cultural, seniors, housing, faith, financial, and education sectors.

The designated regional representative from Elder Abuse Ontario (EAO).


Members can either be “core members” who actively participate in monthly meetings,                  receive minutes, agendas, voting rights on financial decision and/or PEAPN related               decisions, or “supporters” who will not have voting rights or decision making privileges

but will receive education opportunities and PEAPN highlights. Supporters do not                    commit to attend monthly meetings.


Core Members - The core members will carry out the obligations pertaining to PEAPN.               The core members  will ensure that all members of the network are kept informed of                   their activities on a regular basis. Core members must attend a minimum of four                    meetings per fiscal year to ensure their status. Core members may substitute with                       notice a representative from the agency that they represent to attend a PEAPN                            meeting on their behalf. Core members will have voting rights as they pertain to                     PEAPN decisions.


Supporters - Individuals or organizations that support the mandate of PEAPN, but

do not commit to attend monthly meetings. Supporters do not have voting rights or                      receive meeting minutes and/or agendas. They can receive updates and education opportunities.



The Network is aware that not all Core Members are able to attend all meetings, but      recognizes that issues of financial or other matters may require a motion. Therefore

a quorum of four core members is needed at a Network meeting in order for a motion

to be passed. If four core members are not present, then the motion will be deferred.

The Chair or Vice-Chair can then put forward an e-mail motion on which members

can vote.



Financial decisions require approval by the core membership and minuted at monthly meetings prior to funds being allocated. Funds are managed through the designated      charitable organization.  The charitable organization must receive the minutes with                      the approved motion prior to releasing funds.  All expenditures must be invoiced and submitted to the charitable organization as per their submission guidelines.


Frequency of Meeting:

Meetings will be held monthly with the exception of July and August.

Other meetings can be called at the discretion of the Chair.


Terms of Office:

Two years (renewable) for all members in January Executive positions are two

years (renewable in  January) to be nominated by the members and a voting

process will take place if more than one person nominated and accepts this

nomination. The Co-chairs will complete terms on opposite years to ensure there

is one experienced chair leading at all times.



Agenda items are submitted to the Chairs who prepare and distribute the agenda.

The secretary ensures minutes are maintained and distributed to all members

following approval from the Chairs.


Finance committee – Consist of at least Chair, Treasurer, and 1 network members,

for the purpose of maintaining and reviewing all financial transactions and donations

related to the Network.


Community outreach /education committee - Consists of network members that

are able to coordinate and be present at community functions on behalf of the

Network.  Providing education regarding Elder Abuse and navigation to community

resources. ( Health Fairs, presentations etc)


Consultation team - provide options for intervention to community agencies who

bring forth cases of abuse to the Team.


Membership Committee - responsible for ensuring that new members receive

certain PEAPN Network documents (i.e., Terms of Reference, Membership list, and confidentiality form) as part of an orientation package. Membership Coordinator

will also be responsible for keeping the Membership email list updated.   Marketing

and Public Awareness - Promote PEAPN.  Focus on upcoming events such as WEAAD

and roll out of community forums/projects. Contact radio, television and newspapers

for general interest stories. Ad-hoc committees – Can be added when necessary



Financial decisions require approval by the core membership and minutes at monthly meetings    prior to funds being allocated. Funds are managed through the designated charitable organization.  The charitable organization must receive the minutes with

the approved motion prior to releasing funds.  All expenditures must be invoiced and submitted to the charitable organization as per their submission guidelines.



The agenda is prepared by the chair and distributed at the beginning of the monthly




It is expected that all members of the Network will adhere to a strict code of

confidentiality. All client based information will be kept confidential.



Members of an agency are accountable to their agency and/or governing body.

All members of Network are expected to conduct themselves in an ethical manner,

to uphold the mission and vision of PEAPN.


Terms of Reference:

The Terms of Reference shall be reviewed and revised as necessary by the

membership on an annual basis at the January meeting or at such other times as

may be appropriate.


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