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Worried About a Friend or Loved One?


If you suspect someone you care about us being abused or neglected, you can help.

You do not need absolute proof to report suspected abuse. You do not have to give

your name. All calls are handled confidentially.


Are you worried a friend or family member is being harmed?

Knowing that someone you care about is being harmed can be very difficult.

You may feel helpless, frustrated, or fearful for them. Stay encouraged. There are

many steps you can take to help, starting with knowing more about possible

warning signs of abuse.


Start the Conversation: If you are concerned about an older adult and you wish

to help, start by approaching them at a time and place that is safe and private.

Let them know that you are concerned about them and that they do not deserve

to be harmed. Let them know you care for them, you respect them, and you are

there to help.

To get the conversation started, consider statement such as:

• I am concerned for your safety

• No one deserves to be harmed

• There are organizations that can help

• I am here to help whenever you are ready and with whatever you might need