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Peterborough Elder Abuse Prevention Network

Committee Chair - Catherine Pink

Co-Chair and Consultation Team Lead- Kim Syers

Secretary - Shelby Downer

Marketing Lead- Maggie Dougherty-Glibert

Membership Lead - Brenda Booth

Elder Abuse Ontario Consultant - Raeann Rideout



That Peterborough County and City is a safe, respectful and supportive place for

older adults to live free from abuse and enjoy independence.



To be leaders in the development of an integrated and collaborative strategy to

address the prevention of elder abuse in Peterborough City and County through

networking, information sharing, raising awareness.



To foster active collaboration with community groups and individuals having

similar objectives and goals.


To maintain and support the collaborative, coordinated and effective community

response to the abuse of older persons across Peterborough, using a standard

community protocol.


To advocate for government policies at all levels of government that strengthen Peterborough’s community response to elder abuse.


To actively engage in education and outreach initiatives to enhance the awareness

of elder abuse.





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